Drive confident lending decisions based on unparalleled insight.

Wiserfunding’s Origination Solution helps you find, screen and assess potential customers more easily, quickly and effectively than ever before.


Richer profiles

Processing up to 800 data inputs per company in less than 8 seconds

Drawing on financial, non-financial and macro-economic data

Using open banking systems for live financials

Creating the most comprehensive company profile every single time


Immediate understanding

Using cutting-edge tech to deliver instant insights

Translating complex data into clear charts and graphs

Helping you make informed decisions in seconds


Unrivalled accuracy

Proven 30% more accurate risk profiles than competition

Enabling precise predictions of trends or patterns in company performance

For confident scaling of your operations

Key features of our
Origination Solution

Key features of our
Origination Solution

Drawing on a massive range of data – financial, non-financial and macro-economic for each company profile
Processing up to 800 data inputs for every company
Lightning-fast results
Get a truer, more comprehensive picture of your target company fast
In-built AI and machine learning to screen more quickly and efficiently
SaaS solution for easy integration and minimal disruption to your existing systems
Configurable to your own specifications
Get instant value from our intelligent, intuitive programme
Up-to-the-second financial data
Real-time insights
Using open banking and accounting software
Build an accurate picture based on live data not filed accounts
Using established risk models devised by our founder, Ed Altman
Continuous AI-driven model enrichment
Access superior risk models for a truer understanding
Clear visual graphs and charts to help you spot trends in performance
Compare to industry benchmarks
Better predict company growth, decline or overall risk exposure
Make more informed lending decisions based on a fuller understanding

Screen faster

Automatically screening every prospect, our platform takes the manual legwork out of the assessment process.

Packaging our insights in easy to understand, visually appealing graphs and charts, you can get an instant understanding of company performance.

Seamlessly integrated into your existing systems, our platform enhances your processes, making your job easier.

Predict defaults

Get a better sense of company performance, looking forwards and backwards to spot patterns in performance and potential threats.

Identify market trends or track economic cycles and get a clearer idea of a company’s vulnerability.

Simulate possible scenarios to better assess a company’s resilience.

Informed decisions

Get a truer profile based on live financials accessed in real time, not outdated filed accounts.

Get a comprehensive 360 view on every company with a profile based on vast quantities of data (financial, non-financial and macro-economic).

Have ultimate confidence in your decisions with 30% more accurate risk profiles.

Lend more

Speed up the approval process and automate laborious manual tasks.

Discern real from perceived risk and feel confident you will never again reject another company that is ripe for investment.

Spot approaching threats and take early measures to mitigate them.

Scale operations quickly and easily.


Why Wiserfunding?

Why Wiserfunding?

70+ years’ expertise
Founded by leading authorities
in field of credit risk

AI and machine learning
built into solution to speed
data processing

More data
sorted than any of our
competitors for richer insights

Proprietary models
that are constantly enriched
through machine learning

30% more accurate
risk profiles than
market standard

Live financial data
from open banking
and accounting systems

SaaS solution
for easy integration
with existing programmes

Instant value
Delivering insights from
moment you log in

Customisable elements
for a product that suits
your risk appetite


Wiserfunding is a cutting-edge predictive analytics platform specialising in credit risk assessment for SMEs. Our platform leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to provide real-time insights into the creditworthiness of potential borrowers. By analysing a diverse range of data sources, Wiserfunding helps lenders and financial institutions make faster and more accurate credit decisions.

We stand out due to our exclusive focus on SMEs. Our solutions are tailor-made to address the unique challenges and complexities of this sector. We offer granular and timely risk insights, including standardised risk metrics across multiple geographies, setting us apart from traditional credit risk assessment providers.

Wiserfunding caters for lenders operating in the UK and EU. However, our solutions can be customised to fit various industries such as BNPL, RBF, ABL, CRE, asset management and supply chain risk, making it adaptable to a wide range of business types.

Wiserfunding helps streamline credit risk management by providing predictive risk assessments, real-time analytics, and regulatory compliance support. Our platform speeds up underwriting processes, enhances risk models, and ensures efficient portfolio management, ultimately reducing defaults and improving overall financial performance.

Wiserfunding integrates a comprehensive database of financial and non-financial data sources, including publicly available information, up-to-date financial statements, industry-specific data, corporate governance, social media engagement, legal events and macro-economic data. Our models continuously update to provide accurate and up-to-date credit risk insights.

We offer highly customisable risk models tailored to your specific business needs. We provide seamless integration with common lending platforms, such as nCino, and extensive post-sales support and training to ensure a smooth transition.

Yes! Wiserfunding helps you stay compliant with financial regulations in different jurisdictions. A typical use case is for IFRS9 calculations. We are committed to ensuring that our solutions align with the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, providing you with peace of mind in your credit risk assessment processes.

We provide in-depth post-sales customer support and offer training sessions to help your team use our platform effectively. Our dedicated support team is readily available to address any queries or issues you may encounter.

Pricing for Wiserfunding’s solutions may vary based on your specific requirements and the scale of your operations. We offer flexible pricing models, including plans that can scale with your business and additional professional services. Our goal is to ensure that our pricing structure aligns with your business’s needs and budget.

Certainly, we have a range of case studies and customer references available upon request. These resources provide real-world examples of how WiserFunding has helped businesses like yours achieve better credit risk management, reduce defaults, and improve their financial performance.

Feel free to reach out to our team for more detailed information or to request specific case studies and references tailored to your industry or use case.


“We get data in 15 seconds that banks and credit bureaus don’t, and the integration with our credit analytics enables us to make good, fast lending decisions”


“Wiserfunding gives us a complete and uniform tool for analysis that should be the industry standard. It blows away anything I’ve seen for credit reporting for SMEs.”


“Wiserfunding worked with us to build tailored LGD risk models so our risk function could easily become compliant with new FCA regulations.”

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